Recital Success!

Well I am very pleased with how my recital went last night. There were, of course, a few odd things here and there, but on the whole it felt really great. Mozart was a wonderful way to open the program, and making music with Nataliya and David helped dissipate my performance jitters. After the first chord of the Reger, I felt good, and stopped worrying about the fact that I'd only been working on the majority of the piece for two months, and besides a strange finger slip at one point and a few out of tune double stops here and there, I feel really good about the Reger-- which is the piece that scared me the most. A few odd moments occurred in the Schulhoff, but I still think we delivered a solid performance. It was fun, at least, and I will miss working with Mark and Susanna on this funky and excellent work. By the time Nataliya and I went on stage for Brahms, all of my performance anxiety was gone, and I just PLAYED. It was great. I love the piece, and I was able to really enjoy the experience of playing with Nataliya. And best of all, my thumb didn't bother me at all! It's a little sore today, but nothing horrible, and I'll be able to rest it for a few days as I fly to Brazil (!) and get settled there.


I'll bring my computer and hope to have internet access to update about my experiences, but I don't know if I'll have daily access. It's strange going to a place I've never been and knowing just about nothing (besides the very basics--teach and play) about what I'll be doing there. But so the adventures continue!

Thank you to all who read my posts. I hope to have some really interesting ones this week. :)

Happy practicing!