Back to the grind

In Lubbock!

Wow, it was a long day of travel, but Jeff was a true gentleman and gave me his exit row seat with extra long leg room, so I actually slept on the flight from Sao Paulo to Dallas. And after 24 hours of traveling (and a lovely dinner in the Sao Paulo airport with Daphne, Kirsten, and Jeff) James picked me up at the airport and finally I was home.

I slept for about two hours (in bed!) before heading to work. I went to a meeting, taught two lessons, then headed to the dog sitter's house to pick up Tula, who was very happy to see me! I came home as James left to get groceries, and tried to sleep but was too caffeinated to rest my brain. Instead I listened to the Osvald Goijov piece we're playing with LSO, as James made dinner. We ate a quick dinner, and I headed off to rehearsal.

Magically, I made it through the whole rehearsal with only a few mistakes. And now, finally, I am going to bed for a whole night's sleep! Paradise.

Happy sleeping!