Dream Pants

My host "mom," Marcia, is an amazing seamstress. The first day  I got here she was putting the final touches on a beautiful linen dress for herself, which she wore to our concert tonight. Turns out most of the clothes in her closet she sewed herself! What a talent! So a few days ago, she met Darcy Drexler (who is also staying with Marcia) and I in the elevator to her apartment, and she was wearing the most wonderful pants. I LOVED them, and of course, it turned out she'd sewn them for herself.

She took my measurements and today presented me with a pair of Dream Pants. They are black jersey, long and flowing, and comfortable. I wore them to the concert tonight and was the envy of all of the women performers! Dream Pants! I can't believe Marcia made such wonderful pants for me-- not only are they perfect for concerts, but they have very VERY much significance. I will post a picture soon.

The concert was also an amazing success. Our Trout Quintet went beautifully. The audience was really entranced. It is a long chamber piece (about 45-50 minutes) but this is the quietest audience I've experienced in Brazil so far-- it was clear that everyone was enjoying our performance. We had some really special moments, and when it was all over, I was shocked that we'd already played the entire piece, even though we'd been at it for nearly an hour! The Faure Quartet was also magnificent. I turned pages for Cristina Capparelli so got to see the score as Daphne, Jeff, Kirsten, and Cristina played. What a sublime work! During the third movement I got all teary-eyed-- you know it's a good concert when your emotions decide to well up in your eyes.

What a great experience! I can't believe Friday is already over and done with, and that there are only two short days left before I travel back to Texas. Sigh.

Happy practicing!