Another quick post.

Yesterday was incredibly hot and muggy. It made for an exhausting day, even though the food and students are wonderful. It is amazing to me that Brazilians walk around in jeans and heave shirts in weather like this! I guess they are used to the heat? To me it is somewhat stifling, and it is only Spring here! You'd think after 6 years in Texas I would be somewhat accustomed to this kind of weather, but I think the humidity and lack of A/C is really what's getting me. What luxurious lives we live in the US.

I had a plan to write a big post this morning, as I was given the morning to rest (our faculty concert is tonight, so we are all taking it a little easier today), but the power was out at Marcia's house. So now that it's back, there are ten minutes before we need to leave. Ah well.

So, more as soon as I can. I'm looking forward to tonight's performance-- I will join Kirsten Yon, Jeffrey LastrapesDiogo Baggio Lima, and Cristina Capparelli in Schubert's Trout Quintet. Then Daphne Gerling will take my place and Diogo and I will listen to the others perform the Faure Piano Quartet. Great music!

Happy practicing.