A day in Uberlandia

Another amazing day in Uberlandia! I am so very much enjoying this trip.

A typical day goes something like this-- I wake up at about 7:30, take a shower and get ready for the day, and come out to a gourmet breakfast prepared by Marcia, my host. We drink the best coffee I've had yet (and I've traveled far and wide!) and some fresh-squeezed orange juice (out of oranges squeezed within the hour), and enjoy a real sit-down breakfast. Then Marcia takes me to Maria Sella's house, where I meet with the other musicians who are working on Schubert's Trout Quintet, and we start rehearsing at 9ish and go for about an hour or so, have a coffee and yummy break, and then rehearse some more. Then Daphne comes at about 11 to take over viola duty, Diogo (the bass player) goes to the conservatory, and I listen to the other professors rehearse the Faure piano quartet while I enjoy the amazing Brazilian air and read my book. It's a really lovely break in the day. To sit and listen to amazing music made by amazing musicians, while listening to parrots and peacocks and the wind rustling in exotic Brazilian trees, is a much needed rest in my day. It is so wonderful to have mandatory break time! It's kind of like lunch break at TTU when the marching band practices, except that I don't have my computer so can't answer emails and work. I may bring my knitting tomorrow and knit a bit during the Faure. Read or knit, choices choices! :)

Then we head to Cora's house-- in my earlier blog post I was incorrect. Cora did not create this music festival back in the 50s. What she did do is establish a music conservatory back then, which to this day bears her name. I took a picture today but will have to upload it when I get home as I did not bring the picture-uploading-cord with me. The festival in which I am participating is in it's 8th incarnation, so it's rather new, in comparison to her conservatory! So, at Cora's we have LUNCH. Now, lunch in the US often involves a sandwich and a soda, or perhaps a salad or a slice of pizza. Lunch at Cora's house is simply amazing. I have not eaten so well since I can't remember when. Today's lunch, for example, included the world's best chicken (as Jeff fondly called it), tilapia in a tomato cheese sauce, rice and the best beans ever, purple cabbage cole slaw with just the simplest and most delicious dressing (not like American slaw), fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and olives, and a really interesting dry sauce for the rice and beans. All of this was washed down with two pitchers of freshly made juice-- one a lemony/lime wonderfulness, and the other tamarind. Amazing!! And then there was coffee with dessert. Seriously amazing eating.

Then we head to the conservatory where everyone breaks off in to their respective instruments, and Daphne and I "Tag Team Tuttle Teach" for about three hours. Today we talked a lot about left finger action (feel free to review the Release & Plop blog!), vibrato, and shoulder/neck tension, and how to avoid it. It is so very interesting having two Tuttle-ites who came from different Tuttle proteges (Daphne studied with Jeffrey Irvine and Karen Ritscher) in the same room. I'm learning a lot from Daphne, and she is learning a lot from me. (I will post more articulately about this at a later time). It's so wonderful that there is always more to learn! What a rewarding field. :)

And then we head back to Cora's house. The other faculty go to the hotel, but I stay at Cora's, as I am staying far away at Marcia's. So today I practiced a bit for next week's Lubbock Symphony rehearsals, and finished the chapter I was reading. Then we have dinner (which is not as fancy as lunch, but still amazing) and go to a concert. Yesterday I and a few other faculty members performed, whereas tonight was a student concert. It was great!

And then we all go home and sleep and do it all again. It's really lovely. I'm playing amazing music with amazing musicians, listening to amazing music and relaxing (RELAXING!!), eating a lot of ridiculously good food, and teaching students who are SO eager to learn. I feel so appreciated here. It is such a marvelous experience, and I am learning a lot to bring back to my students at Tech as well.

The week is going by too quickly.

BUT, very happy practicing indeed!