Today's dress rehearsals went well. I was totally exhausted by the end, but that just means I was able to pour my soul into the music. It was both fun and rewarding. There really is no comparison to making music with high-caliber performers! I'm looking forward to the recital, though I am grateful that I still have a few days to clean up a few passages here and there.

I just finished listening to the recording of the first piece we did this afternoon, Mozart's Kegelstatt Trio. While playing, I get so involved in my own part that I sometimes don't hear the intricate play of lines between clarinet and piano, or the fireworks going on in the piano's right hand. It was great to sit back and LISTEN. I heard the piece more clearly just now, and hope I am able to hear the same colorful exchanges on Friday.

My thumb bothered me a little during the rehearsal (and actually got rather painful by the end), but I think focusing on the music rather than the pain helped a lot. I'm glad I have my crazy copper gloves and the supplements I've been taking (fish oil and glucosamine condroitant) , and arnica gel to rub on it in the evenings. What boggles my mind about this thumb situation is that I do not squeeze the bow-- it is so ANTI-viola, and I can feel my thumb gently supporting the other fingers and bow while I play. I know I am not squeezing-- so why does it hurt? :(

Well-- at least my intense LSO rehearsals are on pause for a few weeks, so I'll have time to clean up some passages and rest my thumb. It's going to be a great week-- I can just feel it!

Happy practicing!